Owner Representation


We take on a select number of projects where we act on behalf of owners, in place of owners or in concert with owners in interviewing and selecting an Operator and negotiating the details of an Agreement between Ownership and Operator. We work through the Opening to set Ownership up for success while continuing to participate as an active member or transitioning the project. We put the weight of our organization behind each project of this magnitude and devote our full attention to the task at hand.



We are fortunate to work with the best Restaurant Groups, Developers, Established Chefs and Upcoming Sous Chefs and CDCs which allows us to connect individuals and groups together in order to round out teams and create synergies that would not otherwise exist.



We are licensed NY State Real Estate Brokers. Our network of Developers looking for the right operator, Restaurateurs looking to divest themselves of a property and Local Brokers with long standing relationships with Landlords put us in the unique position to find the right fit for our clients.



We like to be as excited about our clients’ projects as they are. We often partner with our Chef or Restaurateur Clients in the creation of new opportunities. We are eager to be a part of the concepts we work with and believe that putting our time and energy into a project and then participating in the project is the best way to show our commitment to our clients and thus our new Partners.